Odd display behavior in tint2 on worm

I am observing some odd behavior and I don’t understand it well enough to figure out where the problem is generated.

I installed the community worm edition on a test laptop and this is a virgin test install, no other apps, etc installed.

When I launch the first app, the icon of that app appears in the tint2 bar where it is supposed to, but when I quit the app, the status icon of that app does not disappear from tint2. It stays listed till I launch a new app and the icon is replaced.

If I launch a second app while the first app is running, then I get two status icons in tint2 and can switch back and forth between the two. But if I add a 3rd running app then the icons appear correctly in tint2 but the last two apps disappear from the screen and I cant bring them up again till I quit the first app.

I hope I’m describing this correctly.