Odd behavior with Zoom

Recently I switched from i3 to Bspwm, and for the most part everything works great. However, Zoom has been an absolute pain. Zoom itself works perfectly, but the meeting node (window) follows workspace changes and minimizes. The only rule I have defined for zoom is for it to open on desktop 3. Not sure how to fix this.

Here is the rule:

bspc rule -a zoom desktop=^3

I’m assuming “Zoom” is the video call software.

The issue with minimizing and then window disappearing can possibly be fixed by disabling floating thumbnail.

Add this to ~/.config/zoomus.conf


I also had issue of Zoom following my focus, which was weird and I couldn’t find any reasonable solution for that, except using a different window manager.

and then we switched back to old school physical attendance, so stopped using zoom altogether

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