Nvidia update warning

Just did a system update that included Nvidia. Computer now will not boot up and hangs where the system loads the video driver. Unfortunately I can not access Timeshift to reinstall a working level. Looks like another reinstall again. Thought I left all those problems behind when I left Manjaro the fix it after update king.

Try chrooting into the system and maybe you could use a timeshift backup to revert. Or maybe simply downgrade might work (again, after chrooting). Once you have a working system, the more experienced users might be able to help you figure out the issue.

The latest Nvidia driver should fix the problem where the workaround of ibt=off was needed. If you have an Intel CPU gen 11 or newer and a new Nvidia GPU, you probably had to use the ibt=off kernel parameter.
And it is not uncommon that a new Nvidia driver causes issues.

For the record, nvidia-dkms 530.41.03-1 works here, but I have an older GPU and CPU.

Note that the mesa package was also recently updated, so worth checking that too.

You can try downgrading the Nvidia 530 packages to 525. This can be done by using program arch-chroot as explained in our wiki, and also the downgrade program.