NVIDIA Prime Auto


I was giving Endeavour OS (KDE) a try, and noticed a few things I want to clarify that’s unique about this distro compared to raw Arch.

Running X670E, plugged into IGPU, with Hybrid Mode enabled in BIOS. Got a dedicated 4080 super. I’m setup this way due to some VFIO setup use cases I need to use. This is working fine on Endeavour.

I noticed that without any extra configuration, prime offload happens automatically when loading steam games. This is fine, and great. I noticed there’s nothing extra placed in the “/etc/environment” file, so I’m curious about how this is happening.
This still works very well even when I configure my system for dynamic GPU passthrough to my VM’s. Meaning removing the 15-egl nvidia file, stopping wayland and xorg from using the nvidia gpu.

I’d like to ask what specific config Endeavour OS has to make this happen without manually specifying it per program.


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Just some further observations I found while testing this out.

Further testing: Installed Endeavour OS in a VM, passed through my 4080 super to the VM. Copied my exact steps as originally taken, so I have data to compare against how raw Arch seems to leave the system.

One point of notice is yes, prime rendering seems to happen automatically when using KDE wayland. Secondly, on my Arch system at least, I noticed when using volume controls or getting notifications on the KDE desktop, some games (Persona 5) would flicker or stutter. This is not the case with Endeavour OS. Not sure if this is down to the setting somewhere that makes prime rendering automatically work. Or an extra package/config here that makes a difference.

I’ll keep updating my findings here as I explore further. So if a solution is found, it can help someone else.