Nvidia-installer-update-db can't fetch from Nvidia website

nvidia-installer-db version 2.4.10-1 return

Fetching NVIDIA graphics card ids from nvidia.com ...
Error: NvidiaIdsCommon: GetNvidiaBranch failed.
Error: NvidiaIdsCommon: GetNvidiaBranch failed.
Error: NvidiaIdsLatest: NvidiaIdsCommon failed.
Error: cannot fetch latest NVIDIA ids

My terminal can access https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/unix. Maybe Nvidia change their website again?

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i see that already on telegram, we need to check that.
Thanks for giving the info!

may @manuel have time to check ?

i do not see a change on Nvidia Webside…

Thanks for the report! :+1:

Nvidia has once again changed their archive.
I’m currently building the next version of the database updater.
It should be available within an hour or even sooner if everything goes well. :sweat_smile:

Edit: now nvidia-installer-db version 2.4.11-1 is available.
Please update and report! :smile:


@manuel Checked

[ricklinux@eos-xfce ~]$ nvidia-installer-check
Your graphics card (id: 1b83) is supported by the nvidia-dkms driver.
To install a driver for this card, you can use nvidia-installer-dkms.

[ricklinux@eos-xfce ~]$ 

It works now, thank you for the fast response.


And thanks!

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