Nvidia-inst newest driver version

Is there a way to specify the newest driver version to install (specifically 545.29.02)? Or how long approximately does this usually script get updated?

I tried installing the .run file from nvidia today but only ended up with an unbootable system (thank you btrfs snapshots).

You’ll find the beta nvidia driver as nvidia-beta / nvidia-beta-dkms / etc. which you can install if you feel lucky:

yay -s nvidia-beta
4 aur/lib32-opencl-nvidia-beta 545.29.02-1 (+144 0.81) 
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (32-bit, beta version)
3 aur/opencl-nvidia-beta 545.29.02-1 (+339 0.77) 
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (beta version)
2 aur/nvidia-beta-dkms 545.29.02-1 (+56 1.61) 
    NVIDIA driver sources for linux (beta version)
1 aur/nvidia-beta 545.29.02-1 (+348 0.76) 
    NVIDIA drivers for Arch's official 'linux' package (beta version)

It is best to follow


Specifically, this


If you are trying to run the direct driver install from Nvidia, you are asking for problems on any distro.

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nvidia-inst does not support installing from the AUR. But as suggested above, you can do so manually (at your own risk). Then you need to replace most of your nvidia related packages with the same beta version from the AUR.

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Usually packages are “nvidia-beta” “nvidia-utils-beta” lib32-nvidia-utils-beta" “nvidia-settings-beta”.

If your’re running a btrfs filesystem consider creating a snapshot before installing the beta-driver, if not done automatically anyway.

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This is the only way! Makes life so much better even for just a rolling release in general.

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