Nvidia-inst make not boot my laptop

After try the command nvidia-inst my laptop start to boot loop, to fix this I have do nvidia-inst -n but I lost every packages I want to know if is possible to fix nvidia-inst for my gpu be usable

If people need some information here is my integrated graphics card and my gpu

Sorry I didn’t see it above what gpu? But now i notice.

Edit: Did you install EndeavourOS? I can’t tell from the picture if you are booting on the live ISO?

Yes EndeavourOs is installed but cause of nvidia-inst I’m on live usb

Can you post the link for your hardware?

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Is this a fresh install?



You need to add a kernel parameter in the default grub command line. Are you able to boot the laptop and switch to a TTY? Not on the live ISO.

on tty no it not work

This shouldn’t be a bin file?
Edit: It should be a txt file.


i have just copy paste the command you send to me

No please just answer the questions and I’ll try to guide you to what needs to be done. Are you able to boot on the laptop and get into a tty?

Edit: Sorry i see you answered no.

it block at _ and alt f2 not work

Can i ask you before you ran the nvidia-inst -n did it boot okay?


What was the reason you you ran nvidia-inst -n to remove nvidia and install nouveau open source drivers?

For boot simply the laptop but nvidia-inst -n not work when I’m on live usb

Cause it don’t allow root user

You can’t run nvidia-inst -n on the live ISO. Do you know how to boot on the live ISO and arch-chroot into the system?