Nvidia Fast Sync vs G-sync and V-sync

For all you Nvidia & AMD Gamers out there here are some excellent videos on screen tearing and monitor refresh rates for game play utilizing different technologies.

How to enable AMD FreeSync in Linux if your card & monitor supports it.



linux-zen has fsync support but is standard disabled… hmm will see :slight_smile:
Also have enabled the Aco patches in /etc/environment, you dont need a special aco mesa animore, is so tired :stuck_out_tongue: is inmesa only need to enabled.

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Can you explain more how to do this?

fsync in linux-zen i dont know but its patched in i read somewhere but mesa aco ,


to enable it you can use export and play the game, make it standard you have set it to /etc/environment

i got no fsync monitor so i cannot check up on that :stuck_out_tongue:

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