Nvidia DRM + wayland gnome

I’m just not sure. I don’t use Gnome much but i do have Nvidia on Wayland with KDE and i’ve not had any issues with grub also.

Been playing around some more, the issue is definitely with gdm, when I just kill gnome and gdm and restart only ‘gnome-shell --wayland’ from the shell, I get into this wayland without issue.

I can play around a little to see if what I expect to work actually works, otherwise I will stick with xorg.

thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Conclusion I’m sticking with gnome on X11, wayland is currently no solution for what I want from steam anyhow, it is scaling they implemented, not resolution change.

Maybe just explain what I wanted to achieve? :wink:
On windows steam and it’s games automatically scale, not towards my monitor size but towards the streaming resolution of my TV. I play my games through streaming on my television, which has a different resolution than my PC monitor.

I achieved the same now from sunshine streaming server by running the command gnome-randr, with resolution parameters upon start of the stream and this does not require wayland.

pretty niche probably, i know :laughing:

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