Nvidia Drivers Installation - input issue

HI everyone,
I just arrived on Endeavour Os !

After a global setup i decided to install Nvidia drivers, i did it like i was use to.
Basicly i followed this procedure : https://github.com/korvahannu/arch-nvidia-drivers-installation-guide
I used to do it when i was on Arch.

Here the issue :

I could 't do this part

Add Early Loading of NVIDIA Modules:

  1. Edit the mkinitcpio configuration file:
  • sudo nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
  • Find the line that says MODULES=()
  • Update the line to: MODULES=(nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm)
  • Find the line that says HOOKS=()
  • On the HOOKS=() line, find the word kms inside the parenthesis and remove it
  • Save the file with CTRL+S and close nano with CTRL+X
  1. Regenerate the initramfs with sudo mkinitcpio -P

So i just skipped it.

But now i’m having some weird behavior : sometimes i have a sot of a latency with my keyboard, especially when i remove some characters. Or Also some highlights that seems buggy. Or even firefox that sometimes is blinking weirdly.

Could it be due to this missing part of the procedure ?

Here my config :

CPU : ryzen 7800X3D
GPU : RTX 4070 ti super

also sorry for my english, i’m from France

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Hi and welcome to the forum, not too sure of the steps you need to take but EndeavourOS now use Dracut by default which is probably why this didn’t work for you

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HI :slight_smile:
i’m absolutly not familiar with Dracut, is it supposed to replace mkinitcpio in a way ?

So it’s not a bad thing if i skipped the mkinitcpio part i guess…

Maybe the issues i have are not related to the nvidia’s drivers …

Are you aware of such kind of issue ?


No but I don’t use NVIDIA
I think there may be an article in the Wiki on Nvidia and installing the drivers


Please read through this: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/installation/dracut/2022/12/


Early KMS loading

If you need early KMS loading for nvidia that can be done with a this content:

force_drivers+=" nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm "


Update (rebuild) kernel boot images

When using default systemd-boot and dracut:

sudo reinstall-kernels

When using Grub and dracut:

sudo dracut-rebuild

On EndeavourOS, yes. It is the default initramfs generator.

For more:



Thank you all, for your help :slight_smile:

it’s indeed what i needed !

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I installed correcty the drivers with NVIDIA-INST >> result into a blackscreen, ( no desktop environment but mousse, keyboard shortcut and app okay ) , with still my old issue.

After some troublehsoot it seems to be due to a wayland issue ( once more ) so i switched to x11 and now everything seems okay now.

Thank again for helping me :smiley:

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