Nvidia drivers creating black desktop and 2 second delay

2 hours ago i started using linux and wanted to install my nvidia drivers to play games / needed drivers
but after following a tutorial doing sudo pacman -S nvidia and then rebooting my pc fell into a black desktop and a delay of 2 seconds
opening or hovering or doing basically anything would take multiple seconds to register
i have temporarily fixed the delay issue by sudo pacman -R nvidia and nvidia-utils

i am using a laptop with a gtx 1650
running kde
my monitor is a ultrawide 4k monitor and it might be causing some of the issues
because i cannot switch to the small laptop monitor (because the desktop is black ) to see if the issue is caused by the monitor
i am an linux noobie |
if you want any log files please detail how to get it in simple terms and i will try to respond as fast as i could

i have learnt that the problem is from my ultrawide monitor and now i am trying to fix this problem

It would be much better to post your hardware output. Please provide the url.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

gave me this error (i am a noobie)
also my issue is caused by my widescreen so i need a fix for that

Sorry, I made a typo.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

If you just provide me the information i may be able to help.

sorry for the delayed response

So currently it’s rendering on Intel

API: OpenGL v: 4.6 Mesa 22.3.6 renderer: Mesa Intel UHD Graphics 630 (CFL
    GT2) direct-render: Yes

Does your UEFI Bios settings have integrated, dedicated and hybrid settings?

i dont understand what you mean by that

Do you have the ability in your UEFI Bios settings to set the laptops graphics to integrated, Hybrid or dedicated? It’s a hybrid laptop with Intel and Nvidia graphics. You have to have a way of switching between the two. Some laptops are set up to automatically output to an external monoitor using the Nvidia or dedicated card.

Edit: Also i see you are using KDE. In the settings display & monitor did you set the display to mirror you laptop screen?

well i dont know if i have that but i will check and reply to you

If it has the settings i would set it to hybrid.

there was no setting to switch integrated / dedicated / hybrid on my bios

So there is no output on the external monitor? What about the laptop screen?

the laptop screen is working fine after i switched to only laptop screen to work while the external right now is disabled because i wouldn’t be able to text you

Can you not set to mirror the laptop screen?

i just did it and it works perfectly

but i only want to use the second monitor and not screen mirrorring

Can you do a screen print of the settings, display & monitor so i can see what it shows?