Nvidia driver problem

I installed Endeavour OS with Nvidia-Driver option. My laptop has two gpus: integrated and Nvidia gpu. But I have a problem. When I try to use my Nvidia gpu with optimus manager it errors.

Then I press Y and enter. My session reboots but my gpu stucks at my integrated card. Also I tried switching cards with optimus manager.

I don’t know what to do.

Hello and welcome!
Could you give us the details of your graphic cards ?

inxi -G



Try to drop Wayland, use xorg instead

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Well, you are receiving a message that tells you that wayland isn’t supported and it will fail if you continue. Then you hit “yes” and it fails. :neutral_face:

If you want to use optimus manager, you may want to consider switching from wayland to x11. On the login screen, there should be an option to choose an X11 session.