NVIDIA driver in netinstall options... not dkms?

I noticed after a few kernel updates that during none of these updates I get the “uninstall - reinstall” info about the nvidia drivers like I get from my dkms wifi drivers.

Is the version of the nvidia drivers that gets installed if you check the box in the web installer the dkms version?

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I was pretty sure that it installed the dkms version. But, I’m not 100% sure. :thinking:

All I know for certain is that it doesn’t do the normal upate text like all other dkms drivers I have do.

the nvidia option inside netinstall is only for beeing able to boot on nvidia cards not able to boot with open source drivers from kernel… We are working on a better implementation, but licensing and the way we are using calamares do not make this easy :wink:

So does this mean that the install is Nouveau? I’m confused?

on package selection module inside install process there is also a chooser for nvidia drivers…if you select you will install nvidia and nvidia-settings packages.

we do not have nvidia installed per default in any way… ISo uses nouveau modsettting driver from kernel, and so also installed system if you do not choose to install nvidia from select packages module…

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No; there are two versions of the NVIDIA proprietary drivers for Linux: dkms and none. The only real difference is that any driver with dkms has a much easier kernel integration and does so automatically.
Not a big issue, maybe, but it is noted that the nvidia installer script provided in the install is by default a script that installs the dkms version of the driver.
(sudo nvidia-installer-dkms to install it from the terminal).

That was what I was asking about; it does not seem that installs the dkms version of the Nvidia drivers.

nvidia-installer-dkms is a script/package to install proprietary nvidia drivers in their dkms version…


Yes… i understood the nouveau modesetting for booting up on the live ISO and that if you didn’t select Nvidia it would install with opensource nouveau. I just wasn’t sure if you selected nvidia in the online install options whether is was the dkms version? So i assume it is not then and when you choose this option it is nvidia and not the dkms version? So to install the dkms version you have to do after with the installer script correct?

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exactly… we may find a way to install nvidia drivers from calamares with the nvidia-installer-dkms script, then it would be more clean …