Nvidia driver 555.58.02 is lagging more than version 550

I upgraded my endeavourOS and got the newest nvidia driver, and across the board, its causing me a lot more lag on my system and my games.

I think a great deal of optimism and anticipation was pinned on the v555 drivers.

I’m not sure they’ve turned out to be the panacea everyone was hoping for. As is the case with any large step in development, sometimes it just takes some time to iron things out again.

Do you at least have any idea how to downgrade the nvidia drivers?

The downgrade command is available. You may have varying success, because sometimes other components in the system depend on specific versions.

Something like this:

sudo downgrade nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils
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Thanks very much for this. I used this command and it worked, I only had to change it to downgrade nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils in my case. I was surprised nvidia-inst doesn’t have this ability out of the box as I was rooting around in the flags for a downgrade option and couldn’t find it.

I had a similar problem. I saw some posts about shuttering in 555 but thought that was the beta only. The fixes I saw like adding nvidia.NVreg_EnableGpuFirmware=0 to grub or in an nvidia.conf in modprobe.d didn’t seem to make any difference in my case or maybe I didn’t do it right.

I don’t run Wayland or Kde or anything else like this and haven’t been hit by Nvidia driver issues before so surprised they’d release something that makes games unplayable. It did seem to perhaps help overall performance and desktop performance was good but in 3D gaming I’d have unacceptable shuttering every 3-6 seconds.

I did some more testing, and it turns out turning on v-sync via nvidia settings is actually whats causing lag, when I turn the v-sync off, it runs buttery smooth