Nvidia 740M- Intel I3-3217U bumblebee setup

Hiii guys!
I’ve installed this OS, all good.
I’ve installed Steam but didn’t type (1~4) option, left 1 default so maybe that’s the problem, so it don’t see my nvidia gpu. Only the integrated intel is seen.
Then I used also Nvidia-installer-dkms but ended with .470xx drivers that seems supported but in the end didn’t work. I mean I can’t open proper nvidia-settings.
What do you suggest to me? I saw some old threads and I can type some commands in terminal to show you the situation. I also installed when set up the system the zen kernel, maybe that’s another issue.
I would like to have that switcher to have or intel or nvidia gpu via UI not terminal (preferably)

Thank you and it’s nice to have Arch on my pc