Nvidia 4K HDPC screen blinks randomly. (HOW TO FIX)

Hey Community,

Well this one was really frustrating me for about a week. I even installed KDE NEON to narrow down what it could be. When I installed NEON it suggests using the 470 drivers and it seems to work till I started adjusting nvidia-settings and such.


I would be using the system and randomly the screen would go completely black dead for about 4 or 5 seconds no audio, no picture, nothing. Then the screen would come back on and everything was fine till it happened again. Really frustrating when I’m trying to watch YouTube and such. This would happen no matter what I was doing on the system in 5 to 10 minute intervals. It first started happeing on the new EOS KDE install then after pulling my hair out while reading all the EOS Wiki and Arch Wiki concerning NVIDIA issues I could not fix the problem. So I tried KDE NEON and it did the same thing But I found the culprit… and you won’t believe it…


AsusTek TUF B450M-Pro Gaming - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - NVIDIA TUF GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER

EOS-KDE 5.23.3 Plasma

Hook up to a VIZIO TV P55-F1 (Resolution 3840x2160 60Hz 16:9)

And yes I have new 4K 2.0 HDMI Cables from amazon that work on another EOS Nvidia system hooked up to the same TV. Works great.

But this new PC was a WIN11 PC that I ditched cause I have had enough of Windows.



So for what ever reason I went into TV settings and Input settings and you can turn on/off
(FULL UHD COLOR) per each HDMI input.

No more issue… Finally

Just hope this helps someone. Gobble Gobble!!!

Happy Thanks Giving.

I read some info about this not being support on nvidia but i’m not so sure that it can’t be corrected? Is this any help?

If this is a fix then it could still mean the cable couldn’t supply the necessary signal bandwidth for the output, e.g.:

Yea thanks for the article. That is really detailed and helpful but it seems to pertain to Windows Nvidia drivers settings not linux type settings.

Anyway have a good one. night

OOOOhhhhh Man… You won’t believe this!!!
I thought I had the offending PC hooked up to a new 2.1 HDMI cable but someone mentioned the cable and I just checked it and that is what it is…seems I flipped my old PS3 HDMI cable to this PC instead.

I’ve wasted soooo much time fretting over this and it was the HDMI cable all the while.
That’s what you get for assuming… Uggggghhhh.

FIrst step in PC trouble shooting is hardware verification.

Oh well all is well that ends well. Night all


Cables make a huge difference.