NSPR Mystery

Newbie category … Darn sure I 200% qualify :+1:

I deleted nspr package from system as I believed Netscape is no longer relevant in today’s computing.
After I did that had no networking nor internet connection!

What did I do wrong?

I am not in front of my machine right now but if it is needed you can probably reinstall it from your local package cache.

You deleted nspr, that’s what you did wrong :wink:

nspr is a network communications library used by a bunch of stuff. Your main problem is probably the fact that nss (network security service) is dependent on it, which, in turn effects like…a lot of stuff. chromium, firefox, electron…like…pretty much everything that goes out to the internet as a gui app

I’m kinda shocked it let you remove it without yelling at you, honestly.

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Yes Dalto, I reinstalled nspr to return the internet to my machine.

But seriously why is Netscape being updated in 2021. The browser has been non-existent for a very long time!

Shouldn’t nspr package be removed from Arch repository.

It’s not netscape.

It’s the Netscape Portable Runtime and is being actively developed.

Thank you man.
Like I fully qualify as as Newbie.
Endeavour OS should start a newbie mistake league … ha ha ha

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It isn’t the browser netscape.

How did you even remove it? You must have done so rather forcibly since it has so many things that depend on it.

Was easy to remove with --nodeps flag.
No wonder I wear glasses >> I’ll be more careful next time team.

Thank you for this support


You should never do that unless you are resolving a complicated dependency scenario and you have a complete understanding of the dependency structure and what you are doing.

Blindly removing packages by ignoring dependencies will almost always break something and will often leave your system completely unbootable. Dependencies exist for a reason.


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