November release needs a bit more nurturing

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Tomorrow is the fifteenth and most of you know that is the day of the month our updated release will arrive.

Joe and Manuel discovered some minor bugs in the final check of the November release and there’s simply not enough time to solve them before tomorrow.

We’re going to release the ISO somewhere between Saturday and Tuesday.

Just keep an eye out on our announcements.


I hope the bug isn’t too bad, it’s Wednesday now (where I live) so I hope for the best for the devs.

Hint: endeavouros-2019.11.19-x86_64.iso is out since yesterday, but not yet published here. :wink:

Ah! I didn’t know that! I must of missed it, hehe!

I have the torrent will try to seed as much as I can :+1:

You can use that one, but this one has some minor issues as well.

Aww, dang…it seems pretty stable for my test in Virtualbox

So why is that under release like the other finished images?

We wanted to release that one yesterday, but there were some last minute bug reports, we’re discussing at this moment what the plan is going to be.

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I mean, for fun, you don’t leech 1.6 GiB. You could have placed a beta notice on…/releases/.

I’m curious, what are the issues?

Like I said we thought it was ready to go, if we knew it would cause issues we WOULD place a beta notice wth it.
We already explained our situation in the team, everyone is doing their best in the short time we have. Because of this, mistakes can be overlooked.

There are some issues with the Virtualbox client for some users, the keyboard shortcuts in Xfce aren’t working in their full capacity and there’s a problem with laptops not going in suspend after closing the lid of the laptop.

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I know about the low manpower. I have also not criticized the fact that a release is being postponed. That is OK. Nobody is entitled to anything.

But seriously, after getting to know possible problems, just log in and add a note or hide the link is a matter of a few minutes. You can do that even in a 1-man-show - and even now there is nothing like it.

Which problems in which VBox versions with which settings? I’m running in a siduction LXQt host, endeavouros-2019.11.19-x86_64.iso is currently live running.

I can’t verify shortcut problems yet, but I would install LXQt and purge Xfce anyway. :wink:

I’ve had some issues with XFCE keys in the last days on my system (which is an old Antergos install so nothing to do with the new ISO). My media keys are no longer working for example. I’m also experiencing panel issues and glitches, having to reset the panel (running $ xfce4-panel -r) once or twice a day.

It might be something upstream and your work might not be the cause of any bugs.

Bryanpwo, I only see two commits of joekamprad regarding xfce from November 18th.

What issues should some users have with VBox? Where are these documented?