Notifying if Sudo password is needed again

Often times I find myself upgrading my system but it fails because I missed a point where my password was needed again. Have the devs considered adding a notification for this so you dont miss it the first time around? I may have missed it anyways because I was napping for 3 hours, but something was taking a really long time to build to be fair.

If you use yay or paru you can use the --sudoloop option or put it in the config.

That will stop the timeouts from happening.


Most AUR packages have a -bin variant which will take less to build.


What about adding the --sudoloop to the Update in Welcome?

That is an interesting question. I am not sure if that should be the default. It increases usability but decreases security. While for many use cases the risk is low it is probably best left to the user to manage that risk for themselves.


i saw in a post from 2020 you can do yay --sudoloop --save to save it to the config file. I think I’ll stick with that. Just needed something to make sure my updates don’t time out.

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