Notified only when kernel is updated?

Pamac-Aur-Git worked wonders. But I decided to fly blind (not really) and uninstall it.
Two reasons:

  1. The timer seems to not work (bug report?): I had it set for checking every 48 hours but it still notified me about updates virtually immediately (seems it checked every 2 hours no matter what I told it to).
  2. I want to live without a graphical package manager just because.

I DO have Feedbro installed in Firefox so I get updates about Arch news as soon as I start my browser (in case of manual work needed for anything).

So right now I don’t get any notifications about updates at all. No biggie.
BUT ideally I would love this: a simple script that sends notifications to the tray and only checks for one thing: Is the kernel updated. That seems to be a logical interval to do updates.

Does this work, in theory?

checkupdates | grep -q '^linux ' && notify-send "A new version of the kernel is available"

I have a script that is working with notify-send and checkupdates. I check offcourse if there is update , i am busy to stretch my self to wait a bit longer lol. If you dont dee the updater you automatical dont want to update quick , if you set eos notifier a good period of time is also nice :slight_smile: )


What my wife and I do every morning, first thing, is to run yay immediately upon turning on our respective computers.

That is, we update once a day, every day.

The only time I have ever had a problem with an update (it happened with Antergos) was when I received a notice of an update in the middle of the afternoon and I immediately updated the computer - only to find that it would no longer boot!

The problem was fixed within the hour and the solution for those affected was posted (I looked on another computer which had not been updated) so i was able to fix my system. But I can tell you that I had a bad few moments!

So now we do not want any notifications at all. We’ll update first thing and, so far, we have had no major problems.

I’m sure that many (maybe even most) people do want some sort of notification about just-released updates - but not us!

We have pamac-aur-git installed on all of our computers but, within Session and Startup/Application Autostart, we have Update Notifier disabled.

Anyway, that’s our “solution.”


As it is now my plan is to use a cinnamon spice that detects changes in web pages (specifically, of course Arch News) that sends notifications thru the cinnamon notifications and uninstall the css reader in firefox, with no other notifications.

The eos-update-notifier should work, have you tested it after installing pamac-aur-git?
They can co-exist if you wish…

I have not; I am trying to live free and daring for a bit :wink: