Good evening, when I go to System Settings, the following line appears to me "Impossible to find a “notifications” object, which is required to view notifications. Make sure it is enabled in the system tray or as an independent object."In fact, I do not receive updates notifications, it is possible to correct this thing thanks.

You need to let us know what DE your on.

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Given this is posted in the Plasma section of Desktop Environments, - I’d hope that they’re on KDE Plasma. :slight_smile:

Can you post the output of journalctl after you get this message?

sudo journalctl -b | grep org.freedesktop.Notifications

When it shows up on the main page its not always clear where its posted.

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Do you mean here?

I wonder if there’s an easier way to make that sub-text clearer (to include the DE prefix).

when your well over half a century old you tell me how good your eyes are. But hey Thanks for the criticism I enjoy people bashing me for no reason.

Absolutely not how it was intended, apologies that you took it that way. Just as old, - and visually impaired so genuinely pointing it out that’s blooming hard to see without scaling beyond 120% or zooming in on web pages.

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even though should be big enough most time they just aint lol.

darker theme probably would help until i get used to it lol

Grey text on white backgrounds is the bane of anyone with less than 100% visual acuity. Dark themes do help in terms of raising contrast, but with higher DPI screens now more prevalent, scaling is a real issue, it’s either crystal clear, or blurred beyond belief.