Notifications Storage Device problems after update

After updating, then reboot today, I started getting a notification saying

Storage Device Problems
(name of drive) is showing indications of instability.

Two Notifications, One for each drive

After update on another machine, it did the same thing, but has more drives in it.
just seemed to pick 2 of them and display that message 1 for each drive.

So I’m wondering if anyone has seen this yet?

I searched for this, but nothing has showed up yet

Info center → Devices → SMART status

Maybe it will tell you some more and your drives really have problems, but since it’s directly linked to update on 2 different machines - i think it’s a buggy behavior of KDE’s SMART status…

God i hate KDE bloat (meaning it’s very hard to keep such a huge codebase without bugs) :sweat_smile: