Notification Applet lists apps that no longer are installed

Not really a proble, but I notice that even tho I uninstalled Chromium a long time ago Notification Settings lists it as an app that can send notifications.

Any way to make it undestand Chromium doesn’t exist anymore?

Clear known items will reset the list and then populate as they produce notifications.

I don’t know where I find “known items”?

Bottom left corner of status tray properties

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Nope. that list is already blank, unfortunately.

As I said, not a major issue, but I have ran into several things in Xfce over the years that keep insisting uninstalled apps are still installed. Sometimes it causes problems, in this case it really doesn’t since well… Chromium isn’t actually there, so it can’t send notifications anyway.

I had the problem with XFCE as well that some things are very well hidden and difficult to change via GUI.
If you feel adventurous and want to eliminate chomium from your system then you can run.

grep -iR "chromium" ~/* 2>/dev/null

It will read every file print you every mention of chromium in your home directory.