Notepad with multiple tab support

Also it must remember last opened files, in other words: saving session feature.
Plain text files is all i need.

Any advises?



NotepadQQ - it is a Notepad++ Derivate and I still need to find something that has everything it does, to no avail. It is without Maintainer currently, so my advice would normally be “don’t use”, but it is to good. A shame that Linux has nothing similar. Kate would be king (queen…), but no “autosave”. Which in my opinion is one of the most important features of such a tool - at least for my workflow, that is…

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No autosaving of sessions, unfortunately - close it without saving and all changes are lost.

Guys, thanks for all suggestions.
NotepadQQ looks like Notepad++ (which i use on Windows 7).
Kate is too big and massive.
I sticked with MousePad. It just works and do required things.

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Just a heads-up that Kresimir’s recommendation for Kate really stands strong, - and you can disable all of the plugins you don’t want or need, making it far more lightweight (incl visually) than it appears out of the box.

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