(Not very) Minimal Gnome? + Terminal question

So, as of yesterday I started getting the itch to jump environment again. I have run Xfce (Manjaro and then this) for almost three months now. I don’t distrohop much anymore (he just said after leaving Manjaro, but that move has been planned for quite awhile. At first I was going back to SwagArch but then I remembered this project and glad I did) but I DE-hop quite a bit, primarily between Gnome, Xfce and Cinnamon.

Anyway, I find getting an up and running environment on Gnome install gnome, but not gnome-extra and instead download the individual packages I want from that group. That still won’t lead to any problems, right?

Also, is it still so stupid that gnome-terminal must be installed on the side? AND is there any way to truly replace default terminal in Gnome? Last time I tried all “Open terminal here” options were for Gnome Terminal.

Gnome runs quite well in my tests with Endeavour. Not sure about replacing the default terminal, I haven’t tried in any distro.

I cherry pick from the extras as well :+1:

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Especially since many of them I would never use, and many of them just don’t work.
What’s the point of Gnome Videos having those channels?

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