Not getting the thumbnails/previews on Removable devices

I am trying to get the thumbnails/previews on the Removable devices(Unsuccessful):
I have :slight_smile:
2TB x 2 external hard drives and 500 gb internal hard drive and 500gb ssd in which endeavour os is installed and the preview/Thumbnail only works on the 500gb ssd

Which DE/WM are you running?

I am using KDE

So, for my information. Endeavour is installed on an external SSD and the system only recognises the internal HDD and not the other external drives?

Have you tried these settings here?

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Try setting “Skip previews for remote files above” to 100mb (or whatever makes sense for your filetypes / scenario) in the menu that smokey is referring to.

each and every drive is getting detected but preview is only working on 500gb internel ssd in which endeavour os is installed(endeavouros is installed in interneal 500gb ssd)

yes every thing is checked

I should have referred to the part I was talking about down the bottom of the screen as @burnyourfire mentioned
Mine is set so external drives don’t show previews

GOT IT!!! :smiley: can I increase the limit because I want to see the thumbnails of the movies which are more than 4gb
Thanks smokey

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Your welcome mate

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