Not booting at all after uprade

All I can see on boot is:
Starting version 250.3-4-arch
Then nothing happens. I didn’t see any errors on upgrade. I’m on an old AMD box with nvidia 340 driver. I could expect problems with X, but not booting at all is … f-ing annoying.
Is it the new toolchain thing?
I’ll be grateful for some suggestions.
Writing this from Ubuntu on the same machine.

It would be good to have some information on the machine configuration inxi -Faz is good for that. Also - can you get to a tty (CTRLALTF3 is good)? Not only does that mean you can try stuff, but it tells us more about what happened…

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I think that this something definitely expected with this GPU. Why not?

Sorry for spreading FUD, folks. I was in a hurry and didn’t check things properly. Endeavouros is booting alright. It’s just the ruddy nvidia not loading. I’ll have to sort it out or give it the boot.
Thanks for writing.

nvidia-340xx-dkms is also working nicely; just had to reinstall it.

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