Not all WiFi Networks showing up

I can’t see all the available WiFi Networks in GUI as well as in CLI. It’s strange cause when I do the same on Manjaro, it shows all the available networks. Even Vanilla Arch shows all the available Networks. But still, I don’t know why EndeavourOS doesn’t show all the available networks.

Please post the relevant logs as per this article:

Also, you need to describe your problem better and ways for others to reproduce your issue.

Will post logs within 1-2 days. Actually I have limited Data plan so it will take me atleast 1-2 days to download the ISO File

Why do you need iso file to post logs?

I don’t have it currently installed. So I think that’s a valid reason.

How can I post logs if I am unable to connect to internet?

If you have an android phone, its easy to tether via USB.

Thanks. I completely forgot about that :sweat_smile:. So what all logs should I post. Is Hardware Information Log enough or something else is also needed?

yep that will be a good starting point

Here’s Hardware Information

Is WiFi actually working on the live ISO? You have to connect to it. There should be a menu item that shows hidden networks or other when you click on the network icon or once it is connected.

Yeah Wi-Fi is working I can see few networks, but not all networks are showing.

When you click on the network icon there should be a menu item that shows other or show hidden? Maybe?

Yeah I’ve already tried that but to no avail :relieved:

What other networks are you looking for?

Edit: Are you sure some are not Bluetooth?

I just started up Xfce and it shows in the menu show available networks and also there is hidden networks. So I’m not sure why you say it’s not showing all networks.

No they all are Wi-Fi. It’s just that suppose if I can see 20 Networks around me in let’s say Windows or Manjaro or Arch, I can only see 11-12 in EndeavourOS. And sadly my network is also among the missing ones

If yours is missing how did you connect?

USB Tethering

Okay… but is WiFi actually working?