Non-sudo Package Managers

If that is what you get out of it, then I don’t need to argue here. Just because he says its wrong doesn’t make it wrong. He don’t like Wayland and Flatpak I get it. But the benefits are there if you like it or not.

I mean he calls everyone who uses Flatpak an idiot. But on the same time he asks others if they encountered personally a security issue n X11.

then why did you start in the first place? anyways please, continue. the fight hasnt ended yet.


Imaginary benefits nobody can list. Still waiting, btw… :skull:

Except the most important benefit of using Wayland: my Reddit buddies upvote my posts. :rofl:

Citation needed. :lying_face:

No thank you. I’m not here to troll or flamewar and to entertain some stupid readers.

I recommend you to read about what Wayland actually is instead spouting nonsense in forums. Besides I explained already some aspects.

guys, Im going to put my part. PURE wayland is garbage, XORG-XWAYLAND is the good one.

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then stop?


I recommend you read a bit less (of Reddit) and try to think a bit more. :wink:


I don’t use or read Reddit. The problem isn’t Reddit, I am reading this forum right now.

this is turning into a warzone :fire: :fire:

Wouldn’t be if some people didn’t personally attack.

Citation needed. :lying_face:

I’m pretty sure YOU started attacking, but ok.

I’m pretty sure I did not start attacking.

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technically @Kresimir started BUT you started escalating it

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Nobody attacked anyone. We are on a forum, we disagree.

@thingsiplay just doesn’t have an argument, so he cries he is being attacked to make a diversion. It’s the oldest tactic in the book. :rofl:

– You are wrong. Here is why…
– StOp AtTaCkInG mE! mY FaCe, yUo PunChEd iT!!



But you didn’t, you’ve just shared a mantra everyone is forced to listen 24/7 about Wayland.
Which would be perfectly fine, if it were true…but it’s not really.

I think much better way would be to write a drop-in replacement of X11 in a more modern and clean codebase, without breaking anything and introducing world of problems.

Can you beat my argument of why it will be by nature less secure (at least on most desktop systems, maybe not servers, which can be TTY anyway) in next…eternity?

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civilised vs uncivilised?

I think this topic has run its course. It’s time to cool down everyone :wink: