No xdg-desktop-portal by default

This causes a bug where OBS isn’t able to detect/record screens on wayland.

Installing xdg-desktop-portal-{gnome,kde} fixes this (Depending on DE).

This should be installed by default when selecting a DE through calamares.

I am not really sure that should be installed by default just because obs-studio needs it. If it is requirement of obs-studio, it really should be a change to that package.


Agreed. My Cinnamon DE does not have this installed.

here is a snippet of the PKGBUILD for obs-studio which lists the dependencies

# Maintainer: Jonathan Steel <jsteel at>
# Contributor: Benjamin Klettbach <>

pkgdesc="Free, open source software for live streaming and recording"
depends=('ffmpeg' 'jansson' 'libxinerama' 'libxkbcommon-x11' 'mbedtls'
         'qt5-svg' 'curl' 'jack' 'gtk-update-icon-cache' 'pipewire' 'libxcomposite')
makedepends=('cmake' 'libfdk-aac' 'x264' 'swig' 'python' 'luajit' 'sndio')
optdepends=('libfdk-aac: FDK AAC codec support'
            'libva-intel-driver: hardware encoding'
            'libva-mesa-driver: hardware encoding'
            'luajit: scripting support'
            'python: scripting support'
            'sndio: Sndio input client'
            'v4l2loopback-dkms: virtual camera support')

xdg-desktop-portal-gnome and xdg-desktop-portal-kde are not listed. At this point in time Wayland must not be a priority for the devs.

Plus they probably do not want to support multiple dependencies that are Desktop Environment oriented.

The devs email address is given in all PKGBUILDS. Someone could send him an E-mail and politely ask about any future plans for including Wayland and tell him that xdg-desktop-portal-XXX works for Wayland for them. When asking for a change, a suggestion for a possible fix is always appreciated. A possible fix makes it NOT whining. Do not send an E-mail saying “You have got to add Wayland support.” because you won’t get too far. I would not mention EnOS either. Diplomacy is important. The worst that could happen is the dev would say NO.



Isn’t that package mainly for flatpak/snap usage?

It is listed as optional for firefox for a similar reason:

But i agree it should set as optional dependency if it is needed for detect/record screens on wayland in the same was as it is for firefox.

No, Frogatto and Fri… Okay, okay, I’ll stop with this :rofl:

Most people do not use Wayland in the current year, and even fewer people use OBS. And people who use OBS and Wayland… they are certainly a tiny group. So, at best, this should be an optional dependency for obs-studio.

It certainly should not be installed by default. We already have too many packages in the default installation.

I see no reason to have it installed per default at all… as we do not install OBS per default also and it is optional altogether also for other use-cases like firefox screen sharing on wayland…

case closed