No wireless connection after updating Linux kernel

Hello everyone; today I updated Linux kernel from 6.2.2-arch1-1 to 6.2.5-arch1-1. After rebooting I cannot connect to wireless networks; and after degrade the kernel I cannot use networkmanager to connect to wireless network at all. ifconfig on wlan0 show that that devices couldn’t be found.
-Here is my lspci -v:

-My lsmod:

$ sudo ifconfig -a:

$ dmesg:

$ sudo lshw -c network

$sudo lsmod | grep -i -rtl

Network loss also happens to my linux-zen too when I installed it, even now I can’t make wireless network enable on that kernel (even when I don’t have r1868 and I use r1869 instead). I don’t want to resort to my Debian 12 (testing) or Windows 10 for long as my main is EndeavourOS so please help me soon. Also my laptop model is Dell Vostro 1450; and I currently use tethered network to my phone to write this. Thanks for reading and hope seeing your replies.

This kernel update seems to cause problems.
To work around, you could downgrade the kernel and install the LTS kernel.
Let’s hope they get the default kernel fixed soon.

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Even the lts kernel wireless networks didn’t work on my machine tho… (Typing it on Debian as tether network from phone is too slow).

Did you downgrade the kernel headers too?

Oh I forgot that, may I’ll try

Should be in your cache - /var/cache/ something / something :smiley:

And for the lts-kernel its cannot connect to the network at all; I tried modprobe but it didn’t work

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-blah /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-headers-blah

Can’t remember the names.

Did you install the lts kernel and the lts headers? You need both.

I thought its headers is a dependency :sweat_smile: So what is the name of lts-headers and what should I manually configure after installing it?

When you manually install it would be

sudo pacman -S linux-lts-headers

Thankfully after I use timeshift the network becomes normal again (degrading seems not working to me for unknown reasons). Maybe wait for 6.2.26 kernel next

The 6.2.6 kernel is out now so hopefully it works again.

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