No wired connection even with LTS kernel


New user here. I installed EndeavourOS using the offline mode (so XFCE), rebooted, and updated, and rebooted again.

After the second reboot, I saw I was connected via WiFi even though I have a functional ethernet (because I have KDE neon on sda2 and that uses ethernet by default).

I saw this and so installed linux-lts (5.10.76-1-lts) and rebooted choosing linux-lts. But I’m still connected via WiFi!

I hope folks here can help get my wired connection working with EndeavourOS (even though WiFi is okay because I’m next to the router).

I’m attaching links to the output of inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host | eos-sendlog ( and journalctl -b -0 | eos-sendlog (


yay -S r8101-dkms

According to this post


Thanks for that link! I’ll give it a try and post back.


No luck! Still WiFi after a reboot.

And lsmod | grep r81 comes up empty.

If I turn off WiFi and run sudo modprobe -v r8169, as OP described in the first post in your link, I get a wired connection!


yay -S r8101-dkms turns out to be the solution!

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Strange result indeed!

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you install package r8168 and reboot?
If it fails (which is likely), you can simpy uninstall it and reboot again.

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Yes, it failed. Just to recap, this is with the LTS kernel and after installing r8101-dkms. Also, looking at pacman.log, package r8168 was reinstalled, so it’s been there from the start (?). (I deleted the previous post because I didn’t reply to Manuel). Now, I can’t paste the contents as a reply to Manuel.)

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OK. r8168 is for linux only, and r8168-lts is for linux-lts.
So if you still like to test this, try installling r8168-lts and reboot to linux-lts and see what happens.

EDIT: r8168 was there from the start, but r8168-lts not. Some machines need r8168, but most want r8169 (the kernel default module). That¨s why we installed r8168 but blacklisted. Note that an update to r8168 package will remove blacklisting…

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This is a good reminder. Every now and then to log into fallback kernel to make sure the plan B works for when you may need it.

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I think your last sentence is the key. I rebooted into linux and got the wired connection!!! Thank you!


I think we will change the logic with installing the r8168 package for the next ISO.
Package r8168 as of now seems to cause unnecessary problems.

Anyway, your Ethernet card is strange, as it doesn’t work with the driver it should, but works with r8169…


I’m back. Today, I booted into “EndeavourOS, on linux” and not “linux-lts”. My wired connection worked without my having to do anything :grinning:

Since I installed a few drivers (?) yesterday, I’m curious to know which driver is in play:

$ lsmod | grep r8
r8101                 221184  0
$ pacman -Q | grep r8
r8101-dkms 1.035.03-2
r8168 8.049.02-31
r8168-lts 8.049.02-27

So does the output indicate that my Ethernet card is working with the correct driver now?

(The ethernet card is the one that came with my Dell Inspiron laptop. My inxi output link is in the first post.)


I thought you said only r8169 made your Ethernet work, but now I see only r8101 is in use?

Looks like you can uninstall r8168 and r8168-lts and reboot. Then you are still using the r8101 driver. Hope that works.

I’m sorry for any confusion caused by my not realizing that each kernel has its own drivers!

So I installed the r8101-dkms driver from the AUR and rebooted into the lts version.

I’ll uninstall the other drivers and reboot now :+1:

And done. All good!

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If a package has -dkms ending in the name, then it should work with any kernel.

So the real solution was the post from @Zircon34 right in the beginning.


Okay, so that’s why there was no lts version. And I don’t know why the advice by @Zircon34 didn’t work right away!

Can I change the “Solution” now? I’ll try.

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That was because of the r816* blacklisting problem.
Command lsmod shows drivers in use, so that reveals the current status.

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