No wifi on actual iso

I grabbed the actual iso, flashed it and booted from my flash drive in BIOS mode. Then it shows me that there is no Ethernet detected but it dont offers wifi connections. So I had to install in offline-mode. After the installation it was possible to connect to my wifi but why not before?

We need more information about your hardware.
Could you please show the URL returned by this command:

inxi -Fxxxz | eos-sendlog

The command sends information to a pastebin service, and returns the URL to that page.

Alternatively, you can just show the output of command inxi -Fxxxz, but please use the </> button and enclose the output between the lines of 3 backticks, for easy reading.

Thanks for your fast answer. I regret that I am on traveling now for around one week. I will come back to you and send the requested information.

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I have turned on Wi-Fi manually to run an online install numerous times. I am not on the computer right now, but basically right click on dekstop to run all apps. Create a network connection (the app name is network-???. That’s where I can’t remember the app dame.) using SSID and credentials. The connection will even hold through the final install and reboot to the installed OS.

I hope this helps:
Pastelink of inxi

Your wifi is Broadcom hardware, so you likely need another diver and/or firmware.
Terminal command

yay -Ss broadcom

shows lots of available stuff.

But I don’t have any Broadcom hardware, so I’ll let Broadcom experts here help you further. :wink:
I think @ricklinux has a Broadcom card too?

He has the BCM43224 which is supported by kernel modules built in for brmsmac

As per the Arch wiki:


The kernel contains two built-in open-source drivers: brcmfmac for native FullMAC and brcmsmac for mac80211-based SoftMAC. They should be automatically loaded when booting.


  • brcmfmac supports newer chipsets, and supports AP mode, P2P mode, or hardware encryption.
  • brcmsmac only supports old chipsets like BCM4313, BCM43224, BCM43225.

I’m not sure if needs removing r8168 or blacklisting some other broadcom modules also?

As I understand in the installed system are kernel modules built in for brmsmac and this works.
But what is the difference with the ISO ? Are they missing in the ISO and therefore it does not work?

Can this be repaired, I hope so, please.

The live ISO has the broadcom-wl or broadcom-wl-dkms I think and that may be interfering with the other broadcom modules that are kernel modules.

Edit: Is it working for you installed? Some broadcom modules may have to be blacklisted in order for it to work on the live ISO. Or removed?