No wifi notification on reboot

I apologize for the title but I did not know how to summarize it

happy holidays to all

I wanted to ask you a small thing just for information:

I have installed the latest version of EoS-vanilla option- and I am using it without any problem!

I am very happy
a small thing that I have noticed is the fact that at each reboot I no longer see in the upper right corner the notification that I am connected to my line.

if i disconnect i see the icon that tells me i’m not connected to the wifi; the same if i connect i see the icon that tells me i’m connected to my line.

but this does not happen on reboot!

nm-applet is starting automatically
xfce4-notifyd.desktop is starting automatically.

when there are updates eos updater informs me (and i see the icon) normally

i also tried with pamac-aur and when there are updates i see the icon normally

i just removed the checkmark from all the pipewire items during installation (to be able to install pulseaudio)

do i need to do any further verification or is everything normal?

Translated with (free version)

haven’t run across that myself and maybe someone else knows but in the mean time maybe this will help?

Thanks for the answer but this is not my case!

I’m only writing now because I’ve been testing:

Basically when I choose the xfce+eos theming option everything works without any problems;
If instead I choose the vanilla option (installing xfce) then the icon that notifies the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work!

Without changing any other option during the clean install!

Normal or possible issue?

I did a test by installing ‘mate’ without changing any options during installation.

also in this case once installed the system the notification of the wifi connection does not work

Can someone please give me an answer of why nm-applet doesn’t show an icon (wifi info) at every startup?
This is the case whether I install xfce (vanilla), mate or cinnamon!

Instead if i use xfce installation +EOS theming, it works!

Can someone do a test like this just to understand if it’s an error of mine or a normal thing!