No Wayland in Gnome

I installed Endeavour OS yesterday with Gnome 43.1 and I got X11 by default and no option to switch to wayland. I checked all guides most all of them refer to the fact that gnome 43 ships with Wayland as default and none of the guides worked for me.

I have an nvidia gpu and an integrated intel one.

Wayland still isnt the default for Nvidia i think, you have to force enable it.

Keep in mind that while Nvidia can use Wayland now, its generally not as good of an experience to my knowledge as for instance AMD GPUs

I used to use fedora before this, for some reason Wayland used to work fine there.

If you don’t mind me asking how do we force enable it?
If you have intel integrated you should be able to use Wayland just fine.

The thing is, the wiki refers to the fact that Wayland is enabled by default since GDM 42 and Nvidia driver 510. My system satisfies both these conditions. So why is it still X11?

And in X11 I face rendering issues where there is a bit of ghosting and the top part of the screen and the bottom part of the screen seem to be divided in the middle. It is noticeable especially while scrolling.

Probably due to hybrid graphics, you’re not the first hybrid graphics user with nvidia here to hit this ghosting issue. One of those users got Wayland working by disabling the integrated GPU and other steps I’m not sure of (they didn’t say) before that it would just lockup the system at boot.

Hybrid graphics is a fickle thing at the best of times, does your system allow disabling the Intel GPU? Also is the nvidia a 1650?

Even still, while Wayland works for nvidia its not the ideal experience. I would recommend Plasma or XFCE as they don’t seem to have this issue GNOME is having on certain systems

Similar to this thread?

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Best guess is some work in Fedora makes things easier? GNOME on default disables Wayland in certain scenarios but Fedora may change that.

That’s my best guess, while technically Wayland should work in your situation Arch uses the upstream defaults which might make that more difficult vs Fedora or Ubuntu which make significant changes at times.

When it comes to Nvidia + Linux I have to do some guesswork these days as I haven’t used Nvidia in a long while and can’t test.

i’m not an expert in terms of nvidia + wayland and a helpful wiki article was already linked, but just to be sure, check your /etc/gdm/custom.conf and examine this part:

# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg

It is near-perfect on my Intel&Nvidia system, the only annoyance is forcing some games to use Nvidia. I use KDE Plasma and Wayland.

Every system with it I’ve personally encountered (which is admittedly limited) has been a pain with hybrid graphics even on Windows.

Some people have a great time, others its a chore. Seems to depend on the manufacturer and model. A family member on Windows has to fight with it 9 times out of 10 :sweat_smile:

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I’m attributing to my laptop then, it is fine on Windows too.