No video output after boot menu

So, I updated the system yesterday and, after the reboot, the PC doesn’t output any signal after the boot menu, so I booted up my system from the most recent snapshot (selected from the grub) end everything worked fine.
Today I decided to update the system again, same issue, no video output after the boot menu, but now if I try to boot up from a snapshot the issue persist (I tried 3 different snapshot and I tried both the base Linux kernel and the Linux-zen kernel).
What should I do?
CPU: AMD 2600X

What is the boot menu in this case? The grub menu? If so, have you tried the LTS kernel? It is possible there is some issue with your setup and kernel 6.7.

I don’t have LTS kernel installed on my system

OK, I tried onother snapshot and the system is booted with video output

OK, try installing the LTS kernel and headers

Then update and see if you can boot with the LTS kernel.

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I think this is a known kernel issue. You can get some information from this thread on the ArchLinux forum talking about the same behavior with RX7800XT … if you persevere and get to the last post in the thread there is a link to an upstream commit at which they working on reverting. You can read a bit about that issue here

It looks like it might be a bit before the reversion makes its way into the kernel.

I have been able to work around the issue by NOT rebooting, but instead doing a full shut down and cold start instead.

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