No updates since days

Since days there is no single update when I use yay oder yay -Syyu. That is quite confusing for me.

Does anyone else has the same observation?

Unless you have only very peculiar packages installed, this seems very odd. The kernel alone should get an update every few days or so.

I would guess that the mirror you’re using is broken for some reason. You should be able to fix it by removing the first mirror in your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist, or using the EOS Reflector tool.


Thank you :slight_smile: now there are 1719,03 MiB of Updates


Ja ja … mirrors does this… it is a good advice to regularly update arch mirrors.


will be a good choice too.
if you configure it before…

Germans talk to each other in English :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This is a good hint.

Indeed :smiley: but maybe it is helpful for all users with a similar issue if we talk english to each other

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Dennoch ist es irgendwie krank …

eher lustig das nur deutsche im Thread sind obwohl es keine Verbindung dazu gibt :wink:

Ja, das stimmt auf jeden Fall :wink: war per se kein Problem, das nur Deutsche tangiert

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