No sound while live boot

i was facing issue with sound when i had endeavouros installed
so i completely formatted the disk partition where it was installed thinking of reinstalling it so i prepared the usb drive and when i the live boot i faced the same issue again
no sound at all
please help with this

Can you post some logs from the live ISO? Post the link.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog
this is the link

What does alsamixer show?


Haaai Tanishk, I have exact same proc and as far as I know, there is no audio on Linux yet.
Have some patience :wink:

it says this

but it works just fine on my other laptop

sudo dmesg | grep -E 'snd|sof'

it shows this

Yes i see where it fails to register the audio card on the last line. The 6.0.5-arch1-1 kernel just came out. Maybe update and see if it magically decides to work. :wink:

thank you for helping
how to update the kernel though?(i am a noob)

Just update your computer if you have it installed.

sudo pacman -Syu

i did that last time when i had endeavour installed
nothing happened

Is the other laptop that you have also with Intel Core i5-10210U (Cometlake)?
As far as I know, the new intel`s audio driver will be inplemented in the new kernel 6+, but when will that happend I dont know :wink: My sound is only via bluetooth, and if I never get sound from speakers - its okay. I will not go back to Windows for that reason