No sound on fresh install

I have come from arch and installed arch multiple times and I’ve never had this problem. The downside of running an arch based distro is you don’t know what packages go into the main system.

With manjaro the sof-firmware package sometimes doesn’t get installed but that isn’t the case. It runs on pipewire which could be the problem when I do my pure arch builds I use alsa

I want to use endeavor as it’s easier than me having to maintain it all the time search the arch wiki for hours on end as I don’t have the time for that anymore sadly with work and family and any fixes I find will be going on my website which is live next week on

Any help will be appreciated

You can use alsa. Just install it the same you would in Arch and you’ll be back in business then!

Also just fair warning since we are so closely related to Arch there will be the same amount of maintenance required. Albeit a lot can be done from welcome, but the reality is Arch needs maintenance and it expects you to do it.

Lastly, welcome to the forums!


Thanks I’m not at home at the moment I will do a search in terminal for everything with pipe and then remove it all and install alsa and see if that fixes it.

I was sick of having to do a fresh arch install with internet so endeavour really helps on that regard.

I’m a minimalist so maintenance is usually low unless a package breaks ie the sound :joy:

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How often are you doing an install of Arch? There’s a lot of folks with 2-6 year old installs. If you’re neglecting the maintenance, that could be why. You should really only need to install once, and it just keeps going after that. That’s actually the glory of Arch. It should be one and done, whereas you seen you have the exact opposite experience.

Different machines and I had been distro hopping for friends. I use Zorin Pro for people who are new to Linux and don’t want to maintain the machine and I have little effort needing to do things to their machines.

I usually leave my main machine on 24/7 on arch no problems it’s this HP laptop that is a pain with arch based distros with sound. I want to move to endeavour that way I can be of help to people and instead of installing the endeavour repos for a few tools which I can do them without it it’s just makes simple tasks easier (a little lazy on my behalf)

Ok. So you’re maintaining computers for other people. That makes more sense why you would install more often.

Sometimes the most simplistic answer is the correct answer. I have reinstalled pulse and that works fine however I really want to use pipewire and well let’s just say in pavucontrol all the way down the bottom where the laptop internal speakers and I had to click on the tick for set as fall back option and it worked fine.

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