No sound in built in speakers and microphone does not work

I am using Asus Zephyrus G14 and freshly installed endeavouros.
Built in speakers does not work, but sound is fine if I connect bluetooth/wired headphones.
(Sometimes bluetooth headphones don’t connect, but that’s probably another story)
What is even more strange youtube and many other video platforms do not play videos if headphones are disconnected.
Also microphone does not work (built in and from external webcam).
Thought this might be similar issues.
Can you help me please

This is just to start you on your search. I’m a user like you :wink:

Do the buttons on the keyboard ( microphone or speakers ) react ?
Are the microphone and speakers disabled in your BIOS ?

I red the specs from your manufacturer and made a couple of searches for this issue for "Asus Zephyrus G14 laptop …

Some commands inside EndeavourOS are possible to test also.

ex: lsusb is showing mine on the asus x555q laptop.
$ lsusb

Inside the journal - the detection that occurs on the current date boot-up :

$ journalctl -S 2023-10-18 | grep -i webcam

$ journalctl -S 2023-10-18 | grep -i speaker

$ journalctl -S 2023-10-18 | grep -i audio

If disabled:

More knowledgeable people with experience with this hick-up might give you more :wink: :wave:

Thanks for the answer!

I think they are not disabled, because I can see them in the settings