No sound after last update

Since the last update (Kernel 5.9.11-arch2-1) (after reboot) I have no sound anymore. The sound icon in the notification area is crossed out. Everything is correct in the audio settings of Pulsaudio. Driver broken? I booted Kernel 5.4 - same result + network broken.

If not a kernel issue, I would look at what else got updated during the last update.

Where do I see that?

In /var/log/pacman.log
Or in terminal: cat /var/log/pacman.log

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take look at this

@joekamprad is :star: as this help me two time :+1: It might help you


The problem seems to have been solved. I installed the Xfce variant again this afternoon, because I just had time and desire and KDE pissed me off again (after I tried the EnOS Live session to see if the sound is OK). I know, a reinstall is not the solution, but the sound problem today was the push I used to get back to Xfce. Yes, I had finished with Xfce - but somehow I always end up back there …

Thanks for your help @pebcak and @Shjim for the link to Joe’s contribution!


Strange as i am on KDE and i have no issue with sound. Just updated again today with plasma updates and no issues. Running 5.9.11-arch2-1 kernel.

No problems here.

BTW, I use KDE :frog:

I’m 99.9% certain this issue is not related to KDE.


Something to consider, no matter the DE, you should always try to have at least one extra kernel installed (I use the LTS almost always, but I have the latest also). This can help diagnose problems with updates sometimes. It’s REALLY common on the latest kernel to lose some feature, and then get it back a day or two later when it updates again.

You can install bonus kernels just in terminal, or use a fancy little program (akm for instance) so that way you can help diagnose issues. Note: if you add a kernel via pacman, just be sure to update grub otherwise you won’t actually get the option to give it a go on the next reboot.

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it ok… no one perfect :wink: :rofl:


I agree and i only use current kernel. I’m not a big believer in installing an lts kernel to fix a problem. I would rather downgrade it and wait. :grinning:

Depends on hardware. I also use the mainline Arch kernel whenever possible, but older hardware often works better on lts, or on even older lts. I have a laptop that works the best on 4.19.

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My hardware is Rolling! :rofl:

The sound problem must have had nothing to do with KDE. I had been thinking about going back to GNOME or Xfce for a few days, as I haven’t been able to get quite warm with KDE for years. But GNOME was too minimalistic for me. This annoyance with the broken sound was just a nudge. I wanted to know if the problem would occur again after installing another DE online and all the latest updates. Well, we’ll see, I’m still too much affected by DE-hopping.

I have three desktops installed in case i get the urge. Triple boot xfce,cinnamon & kde on BTRFS with timeshift and snapshots. Cinnamon is encrypted, xfce & kde are not. Running rEFInd also and everything stays separate including the grub bootloader.

It’s about time that I decide after more than 5 years …

I know it’s hard. I like a lot of desktops but these three are my favorites.

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are you really so sure about that? :wink:

nevermind, i should not reply when half asleep… sorry about that, surely you are 100% right. haha

after all, pulseaudio has recently been updated to version 14 and at that time I had problems with the sound as well.

ok, ihave to admit, it wasn’t that drastic for me and fortunately the problem has been solved automatically with a following update…

@anon59358842: gib dem ganzen einfach beim nächsten mal nen bisserl zeit :wink:

p.s.: how to cross out text btw?




Even simpler: