No sound after connecting to Bluetooth Device (wf-1000xm3)

Bluetoothctl shows my WF-1000xm3 ear phones connected. But, the earphones do not give the accoustic feedback ‘bluetooth connected’ and also sound does not work. I can connect other bluetooth devices, i.e. my JBL loudspeakers and have no issues with sound. So, the issue is related to my WF-1000xm3 earphones.

Below is the output of bluetoothctl.

$ bluetoothctl connect 14:3F:A6:81:00:38

Attempting to connect to 14:3F:A6:81:00:38
[CHG] Device 14:3F:A6:81:00:38 RSSI: -56
[CHG] Device 14:3F:A6:81:00:38 Connected: yes
Connection successful

I use EndeavourOS and installed PipeWire. The troubleshooting section of the Arch’s PipeWire Wiki (, covers the problem “No sound after connecting to Bluetooth device”. It refers to a udev script (, from which I copied this terminal comand

(pactl list sinks|grep Name|grep 'bluez.*.a2dp.sink'|sed 's/Name: //'|sed 's/\s//')

Which did not show any available devices.

Any idea, what the issue might be?

I have an open thread on stackexchange with no useful help so far: