No possibility to distribute a heart in closed threads?

Or is it just not working for me?

Also not possible for me.

No. Same here.
It is not possible to edit your post either. I wanted to to remove a link to another post that its author has since deleted :slightly_frowning_face:. So my post has lost its context :no_mouth:.

closed and archived, so no edit anymore on this one… do you really need to edit? i would unarchive if you need for some time, but we do not want to have the same as on some threads before where users delete number of posts and totally destroy context …


No. It’s alright. I just wanted to comment on it. We can leave it at that even though without the reference of the link the post makes less sense as it would probably make otherwise.

Thanks anyway!

i can change also if you give me the missing parts :wink: but in a way would be the same… archived is archived …

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Can I PM you?

yes no prob…


Don’t smoke weed, don’t have sex and always fold in the outside mirrors


I can’t since your profile is not visible. But just never-mind. I can live with looking foolish :wink:

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Hi @SGS!


I sure would love to get that reply we were waiting for post 200 about. . . It tends to feel like it was closed so the other mod didn’t look foolish with his answer. If he was even willing to post it… . . That was pretty disappointing to not get that reply.

yea we do not allow Moderators to post OS information, it would be irritating for Linux users :rofl:


Given the circumstances, and probable outcome, I’d say that’s a really good call.

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