No nvidia-390xx package - fails to install driver

Hello all! I am back for the second time with this problem, but this time, I do not manage to solve it in the previous way. The nvidia-390xx package has ceased to exist? Without it, it seems, I will not be able to install the driver. My card is nvidia 540M.

It’s in the aur.

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It is about the package “nvidia-390xx”. For 340 there is this package, for 390 there is no more

You can use nvidia-390xx-dkms instead.
Then you need kernel headers too, but they should be there already.

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Well, yes, but using 390xx-dkms the driver is still not installed. Using this instruction before: everything was fine, and now I get a message that the target was not found due to the absence of the package just mentioned. Or I’m spouting stupidity however. I’ll make sure once again 100% and let you know…

Alternatively you can use the installer program nvidia-inst. First run with the help flag:

nvidia-inst -h

to see available flags.
Use flag -t for a dry-run, i.e. just to see what would be done without -t.

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Exactly as you wrote. Apparently for this install script I have to manually download these packages: Packages missing from currently configured repositories: nvidia-390xx-dkms nvidia-390xx-utils nvidia-390xx-settings
I don’t know why I insisted on not using the script, as I used with the -b switch. Age does its thing as you can see… :smiley: I will check the result in a moment
All be done. Thank you for your patience

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Please note that using flag --legacyrepo with nvidia-inst adds a third party repository which contains those pre-built legacy nvidia driver packages.

But of course you don’t have to add the repo since you will have the (updated) packages from the AUR with e.g. yay.

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