No Network w/ Realtime Kernel

I’m using Ardour with Jack audio to live mix our sound coming off of our soundboard. I have Jack and Ardour running fine but I am getting some barely perceptiple clicking every few seconds. I know Jack does best with a realtime kernel which I am not currently doing. I went ahead and installed it through Yay but when the system rebooted everything came up fine except I have no network connectivity.

I think it is most likely because my Network Card didn’t have a driver loaded for it but I am not certain on how to properly diagnose. What would be the best way to troubleshoot this?

Hello @adamis
what is the output of lspci -v

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry but I can’t give that at the moment. It’s a computer at our church so I won’t be able to troulbeshoot it for a few days until I go back there. Assuming I don’t see anything for my network card with LSPCI, what would I look to do next?

Looking to see what hardware it was. You can post the result and see if someone here can help.

Edit: If you could post the output of:

lspc -v