No more AUR access :-(

So, I cannot access the aur anymore, cause my aur helper, Octopi is broken with pacman 5.2
All aur helpers I found can only be installed from the aur, so I am quite f***ed now.
Any ideas how to get aur access back?
Should I downgrade pacman to V5.1?

No, simply uninstall and reinstall, for example yay, which is my case, or your AUR tool that you use. At least it worked for me.

Unfortunately, my AUR tool, Octopi, is not installable.

pamac-cli isn’t installable either.

No graphical aur helper is installable .
WIll downgrade to pacman 5.1.3

Graphical? With tray indicator?

Can’t downgrade to pacman 5.1.3 either.
I am NOT ! amused.

pkgbrowser is update to the latest pacman 5.2 on that point nice to browse and its QT

With tray indicator?

… nice to browse and its QT

Sure. Basic tool. Missing many functions for me.

Are you able to install yay?

sudo pacman -S git

git clone

cd yay

makepkg -si

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One option is to install pamac-aur-git with yay (which you should already have).
Terminal command is:

    yay -S pamac-aur-git

But if you can’t do that, then uninstall first all (usually from AUR) programs that cause trouble.

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@manuel I’m not sure @Jeannie has yay? If i remember correctly she is on Arch converted from Antergos so may or may not have it?

I managed to install yay, yes.
Now I just need a nice graphical non GTK frontend with tray indicator for it.

This is the reason octopi will not install:

$ yay -Si alpm_octopi_utils
:: Querying AUR...
 -> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages:  alpm_octopi_utils$ yay -Si alpm_octopi_utils

$ yay -Ss alpm_octopi_utils
aur/alpm_octopi_utils 1.0.1-1 (+92 20.67%) (Out-of-date 2019-10-24) (Installed)
    Alpm utils for Octopi

The git version of alpm_octopi_utils was updated to 1.0.2 several hours ago for Pacman 5.2, but the AUR has not caught up yet. Either get the git version and build it or wait a little while for the AUR version to catch up. I plan to wait a day or two and rely on yay instead of octopi for the time being.

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also aur is no repo, you can rework the pkgbuild a bit

Yes, that’s a good option too. Thanks @ringo

if you talk about non gtk frontend … there is less for tray icon on your plasma check and also read the comments depency needed…not listed…if you want gtk less…

worse: discovery
octopi can do later on
tkpacman is only pacman
vpacman is as tkpacman tk/tcl based. vpacman has some tricks to install things from aur but possible is a bit broken on that part didnt tested it out is pacmanxg a like looks but tk

handy browser is pkgbrowser as i mentioned earlier… as tkpacman or vpacman is pacman based not alpm based that pacman 5.2 is not really a issue.but looks old :slight_smile: