No microphone in Dota 2

Hello everyone,

i recently had to buy a new headset, and i decided to go for headphones and separate microphone.
As for the microphone i had to use USB, because i dont have the right setup for a 3,5mm aux standalone mic.

The microphone worked PnP-style everywhere instantly and i had no issues. Except for Dota2. It does not work in Dota 2 at all. I googled around some and found launch options to try, which didnt help. I am also not sure if i use pipewire or alsa or how this plays together, because whenever i set up my linux distro, i have to get qasmixer and set up my sound manually, because i use a separate pci-e soundcard.

The correct microphone is chosen and saved by steam (as dota2 takes the setup from steam voice options), but to no avail. my mic is muted in game. Sometimes the symbol shows that sound goes through, but no one hears anything.

Is there anyone out here who can maybe help me with this?

Best regards.