No menus in app

Hallo everybody and thanks for helping me.
I can’t remember since when this is happening: when I open the app “ArubaSign” (digitally signing documents), the main dashboard remains totally white (I attach image); the app is opening and closing correctly (no delay or other stuff) but it does not show any menu. I’m using KDE 5.27.8 / KDE framework 5.110.0 / QT version 5.15.10 - Kernel 6.5.4 - Arch2-1 (64 bit)

Are you using wayland and possibly the global menu widget? It could be related to this bug

Thanks for replying! I don’t know if I’m using wayland, how can I find it out?

Search for “About this system” in the application launcher or krunner. Open that and it will tell you next to the entry that says “Graphics Platform”

It says “X11”

Well that bug isn’t related to your issue.