No longer see endeavouros boot option when booting after update

I updated my OS, rebooted and no longer see the boot option but I do see windows 10.

How can I fix tihs?

I’m using Systemd boot

You may need to use your live usb, chroot into your system, run the update command again to make sure your system is fully updated and reinstall your kernels.

Please refer to the following articles:

Depending on the filesystem (Btrfs or EXT4) , choose the relevant instructions for chrooting.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I ended up just doing a re-install and restoring from a backup. I needed my computer for my work day and didn’t have too much time to figure things out. Will try this method next time if needed.


Is there a reason why this happened? How Can I prevent it?

It might have been due to the update process not being completed properly or the initramfs not rebuild successfully.

I would suggest running your update command in a terminal and pay attention to the output. See if any manual intervention is required and if the initramfs are rebuild fully.