No Linux Application - Advice, Options

Okay I’m using as my client for voip-softphone.
Was searching for Registration status on desktop

Only Mac and Windows OS are listed.
It’s a pain when account registration service disconnects.
I really like to stick to Linux - - and I never use Android either.
Stuck in “Old School Linux”

Appreciate your advice

Couldn’t you basically just do the same thing they are doing with the mac option except using conky instead of geektool? It looks like it is just an api call via php.


Discovered a bash script for Debian.
But I’m not very familiar with the technical aspects of ATA.


Check for offline or unreachable SIP trunks or peers aka extensions

rm -f /tmp/chkpeers
/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx ‘sip show peers’ | grep “UNKNOWN|UNREACHABLE|FORBIDDEN|REJECTED” >/tmp/chkpeers

if [ -s “/tmp/chkpeers” ]; then
mail -s ‘SIP trunks off-line - verify connectivity’ </tmp/chkpeers

Would this work? - as I just need to setup a panel notifier.

That appears to be a script for someone running asterisk. Unless you are running that particular product I think it is unlikely that it would work.

hmmmm … I do like a challenge but I’m not a coding monkey.
Which animal do you suggest :tiger:

Easiest solution might just be an email alarm which triggers an Arch (taskbar-panel notifier) when registration is dropped.

If you can get the info as text, I can provide you with a conky that will display it (appearance, location and size all to your specs). Just let me know what your screen resolution is…

I do conky a lot!